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Looking to secure some of your valuable belongings? There are many security storage solutions available and it’s important to select the right product for the job. Lockboxes and safes both offer opportunity to store your belongings safely. What it is you want to keep secure will help you decide which sort of safe you require. Read on to find out a little bit more about what the main differences between a safe a lockbox is.


Safes are designed to protect your valuables. A safe might have a combination dial or an electronic lock. Safes are designed to store your items until you

Safes have thicker walls and doors than a lockbox. They are made from a heavier grade of steel and come in a range of door and wall thicknesses. The thicker walls and heavy duty materials assist with creating a fire resistant storage solution for your valuables.

Safes are generally more expensive than a lockbox and more often found on a commercial property. They may be used in an office to safe keep valuable information such as documents or electronic backups of sensitive company information.

There are many types of safes available and they are not all created the same. Depending on your requirements it is good to look at comparing the thickness of the doors and walls. What is the steel content of the safe? What is the safes fire rating?

  • Commercial
  • Highly sensitive information
  • High value items
  • Large sums of cash


A lockbox is to a safe what a safe is to a vault. Lockboxes are generally small and easily accessible. A standard lockbox might be used as a cash till for a garage sale. local event, or market stall. Personal protection boxes are more likely to be used as a gun safe. It keeps the gun stored somewhere safely but can be access quickly when necessary.

Lockboxes may open with just a key or feature an electronic lock. Like safes, lockboxes can be bolted down to help prevent the box being stolen. Generally a lockbox will have low gauge metal thickness. This is one defining difference between a safe and a lockbox.

Key safes are also a type of lockbox that has been designed specifically to hold keys. These can commonly be found at a real estate office, mechanics, or car yard. These can be screwed to a wall and are designed for a convenient storage location with minimal security.

Lockboxes are easier to break into than a safe due to their thin walls. Think of a lockbox as a thin tin box rather than a thick metal box. They offer a great solution for a medical supply cabinet, storing keys, and are often found within residential properties.

  • Residential
  • Medical supply cabinet
  • Keys
  • Cash box

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