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  • Patented rotating disc mechanism
  • Unique disc blocking system DBS™ by return bars
  • The cylinder construction makes ABLOY® PROTEC virtually pickproof
  • No springs, pins or other parts to wear out
  • Superior master-keying possibilities
  • Smooth, durable and reliable operation that is resistant to both dirt and freezing
  • Strict key control: duplicate keys only with the key card
  • Key blanks protected by world-wide patents
  • Keys are cut using a dedicated ABLOY® key-cutting machine
  • All metal key
  • Convenient reversible key
  • Colour insert for easy identification
  • The key meets no resistance when it is inserted
  • Virtually no key wear: no broken, bent or worn keys
  • Key cuts on two radii (2RTM)

The ultimate keying system..

Abloy Protec offers a full range of high security door cylinders and uses a “one key, many locks” system making it very easy to cut one key to fit and open many types of Abloy locks. With a unique, rotating disk cylinder, keys and cuts are made in two different radii making Abloy key duplication impossible. In addition, the locking system is designed to stop any attempt to manipulate disks making Abloy Protec the most secure mechanism in the mechanical keying market.

Abloy locks are scientifically-designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions such as salt air, rain, snow and freezing temperatures. Abloy Protec keys have a long and trouble-free service life.

Each Abloy key is made using a dedicated key-cutting machine ensuring that key duplication is strictly controlled. The Abloy Protec cylinder mechanism, keys and key blanks are protected by patents worldwide through 2019. Also, security is optimised by the vast number of key combinations. With 1.97 billion different combinations per keyway, the rotating disc cylinder offers extensive master-keying possibilities and enables locking systems to include thousands of doors and employees.

Integrate with CLIQ

Integrate Abloy Protec with existing or new electromechanical CLIQ technology. This system is easy-to-use and is flexible enough to be customized. System managers can create entry points per user and set time resitrictions with the CLIQ software. A complete user, lock and key audit are also available for review. Easily remove lost or stolen Protec keys from the system. In the case of an emergency a complete lock system shutdown is available and keys can be upgraded or deleted in case of personnel changes.

Abloy started In 1907, when Emil Henriksson, an office machinery mechanic, invented the detainer disc locking cylinder. A locking solution with unique features, this invention continues to be the foundation for all Abloy keying systems, which are designed and manufactured in Finland.

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