Yale Safes – Digital Safes

Essential Digital Safe

Laptop – YLE/200/EG4

This Yale Fire Security Safe is equipped with a unique digital security keypad with many user functions and features. A scramble number input enables personal codes to be hidden within longer sequences of numbers. Whilst additional access codes can be set for one time use.


  • Spring-loaded door with 16mm motorised bolts
  • Easy to use keypad interface
  • LCD Display panel with back light
  • Programmable with 100,000+ combinations
  • Two individual programmable codes
  • One-touch re-set button (internal)
  • Key pad alarm and time lock function if the incorrect code is entered 3 times consecutively
  • Mechanical override lock (2 keys included)
  • Low battery indicator
  • Emergency external battery access
  • Fixing bolts included


Weight: 9.8 kgs
Volume: 23.9 litres
Height: 200mm (External), 190mm (Internal)
Width: 430mm (External), 420mm (Internal)
Depth: 350mm (External), 300mm (Internal)


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