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Turning your key and all of a sudden it snaps in half. You’re locked out of your house with no way in. Try not to panic and avoid doing anything that will push the broken key fragment further into the lock. You don’t want to make removing the key any harder than it is.

Once you manage to remove the key hold onto your broken key parts. A locksmith will be able to create a new key for you from the broken halves of your key.

Tweezers & Needle Nose Pliers

If the key has broken and part of it is outside of the lock you might be able to grasp a hold of it. Generally the thickness of tweezers and needle nose pliers is too much to enter the keyhole but if you can pinch part of the key, you’re in luck in this situation. Grip your broken key with your tool of choice and gently pull the remainder of key out. Take your time and remember to breathe.

Remove broken key | Wynns locksmith

Bobby Pins & Safety Pins

These 2 common items are handy in more ways than one. Using the stiff wire of these object you want to try to place them on either side of the key. Apply some pressure and jiggle forwards. Don’t attempt to pull the key out in one move, instead lots of little movements. You just want to remove enough of the broken key to grasp it with your fingers, tweezers, or pliers to finish the extraction.

Jigsaw Blade

Using the blade from a jigsaw you want to lock onto one of the keys grooves with the blades teeth. With the jigsaw blade teeth pointing down you want to slide the it into the keyhole. When you can feel the blade has caught on one of the keys grooves pull the blade out and hopefully remove broken key along with it. If you don’t get it on the first go give it another crack. This technique is an alternative to using a professional key extractor tool.

Don’t Panic

If you can’t remove the key and need a hand. Just give Wynns Locksmiths a call and one of our 24/7 emergency mobile locksmiths will be able to help remove your key and get you back in.