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You’ve lost your key and are locked out of the house. You don’t have a spare key left with anyone that you can call. So you’re stuck and need to fork out the funds for a locksmith to come to your property, unlock your door, and cut a new key for you. (You might also get them at this time to cut the spare too.) You’re kicking yourself when just last week you were thinking about getting a spare key cut, and you didn’t. If you had of you would of only paid the $12 or so for the key. Now you’re probably down over $100.

When you need a locksmith in an emergency there is always an extra cost involved. There are many ways in which being proactive rather than reactive to your security can save you money in the long run. First there is the cost involved when using reactive locksmiths services. Secondly, the cost of recovering, repairing, and repurchasing any broken, damaged, or stolen goods. Below are some ways you can be proactive in your security approach and the costs involved.


Think about all the keys you have and need. Do you have access to a spare? Does a family member or friend have a spare in case of an emergency? Get in before something goes wrong and get your keys duplicated.


You might of purchased a new home or recently have been broken into? Change the locks of the property and ensure they are keyed alike. Limit the amount of keys needed to access the property and know just how many keys exist that can access your home. Choose high-security quality locks which are difficult to break and will ensure the safety of your property, yourself, your pets, and family.


You will notice that electronic security gets a pretty big mention when it comes to home security. Systems which were once only found on commercial properties are nowadays much more affordable for most home owners. Install security cameras to the main entrance points to your property. Cameras can work as a great deterrent for burglars and can also provide valuable information to authorities if required.

Access control is fast becoming a home standard with coded door entry, swipe card access gates, locks that open with your smart phone. The beauty of some of these technology advancements illuminate the need for keyed locks and handles on doors. This removes easily accessible points for one to damage to gain access.


Fires aren’t something that are normally thought about when one things about locksmiths and security. However a fire resistant safe for you home protects valuable possessions and documents from more than just theft. Ensure that documents like your birth certificate or passport are kept safe and secure.

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