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You probably have a car key, at least one or two keys to your home, and 3 keys that unlock who knows what all linked together on your key chain. Here are some things to consider the next time you have to tighten that belt buckle to stop your keys in the pocket weighing your pants down. It might be time for a key ring spring clean.

Car ignition damage

A heavy keyring loaded up with lots of keys can cause damage to your cars ignition. When the car key is inserted and the rest of the keyring left to dangle, this weight puts extra strain on the ignition lock barrel. In turn this can cause parts to wear out, misalign, and potentially prevent the car from starting. It’s a good idea to have your car key separate or only paired up with one or two other keys.

The extra set of keys

One way to reduce the number of keys on the chain and in your pocket is to consider splitting your keys up. Which keys do you actually use on a daily basis? Why not just put the key you use to enter your house on the same ring as your car key. Pop the other keys – like the ones to the storage unit, Po Box, on a separate chain. Lots of the keys we carry around with us are only used occasionally and there is no reason we can’t keep them safely in a place to grab them when we need them. We have just fallen into the habit of putting them all together. It’s time to break the cycle and create a new normal.

A new way to unlock

Technology is also starting to impact the amount of keys we need to carry around with us on a daily basis. A lot of work places have moved to access control systems where instead of a traditional key you might have a fob on your keychain now. Perhaps instead the addition of remembering to grab your lanyard for work which is your identification and entry ticket. Smart locks have also helped remove the need for carrying a key to enter our own homes. These changes assist us to decrease the keys we need to load up with.