Wynns Locksmiths

We all like to feel safe and secure. Especially when we are at home. Moving into your new home should be an exciting time and a place you should be safe in. Here are 3 ways to improve your home security. Jot these ones down on your things to do when moving in list!.

Update Locks

You might want to rekey all of the locks on the property for a fresh start. By rekeying the locks you keep the hardware as is, but a locksmith can come over and rekey the code on the locks and cut new keys for you. This way you know that there is no possible way for anyone out there to have a key to your home, unless of course you give them one. Rekeying can also make sure that all of the locks operate using the one key, meaning no need for 3 different keys to access your own home.

Light it up

You might not have looked at or even considered the night time lighting on your new home property pre purchase. It doesn’t generally rank high on the how many bedrooms, how spacious is the lounge, how good is the water pressure check list. Check out if there is any existing lighting set up that illuminates property entrances at night. Sensor lights are a great way to provide a no fuss solution to finding your way out of the dark. Lights in the entrance ways to your property help deter unwanted guests and those hoping to stay in the shadows. It can also be a warning to you if you notice your lights switch on at night that someone has arrived, invited or not (it could just be wildlife or someone’s cat triggering the light).

Ring the alarm

An alarm system might be the extra step of protection you are looking for. Sensors around the home can be installed and when armed will trigger a response. With some alarm systems this can include alerting you via your phone. When installed along with security cameras these can also be triggered to activate and potentially allow you to view the live stream of your property. Allowing you to determine if it’s an intruder or an accidental trigger by you kid or partner forgetting to disarm the alarm.

If you are moving into your new home (or updating the security of your existing one) get in touch with your closest Wynns Locksmiths team. We are happy to discuss the best options to improve security to suit your property and your requirements.