Wynns Locksmiths

There are 4 main types of locksmiths. This difference between them is related to their area of expertise. Some locksmiths specialise in providing services to residential properties while others may focus on automotive locksmith issues. Locksmiths are able to provide specialised knowledge and security solutions to suit you and your property. Here is a quick breakdown of the 4 different locksmith types.

Commercial Locksmith

When it comes to securing a business there are a lot of factors at play. From managing multiple staff access and ensuring the safety of both staff and clients both for single and multi site locations. Commercial locksmith services usually include alarm systems, CCTV, restricted master key systems, and access control.

Residential Locksmith

Need the locks fixed around the home? You want to find a residential locksmith specialist. They are able to assess your property, and provide you with their security recommendations. From CCTV to alarms, and specific hardware to keying your locks alike. There are many needs for a professional and qualified locksmith around the home to help ensure you and your family are safe and secure.

Automotive Locksmith

Car keys and locks not only require specific knowledge, but also tools. There are specific picks, coding machines, and more – which are specific to different makes and models of vehicles. When a locksmith specialises in automotive they are constantly keeping updated on the new keying technologies being used by car manufacturers.

Industrial Locksmith

Security solutions for industrial sites may include CCTV, and an industrial keying system (such as Security Edge). It’s important to be aware of who has access to a site and when. It’s a good idea to engage a locksmith early on in the design process when buildng a new property. Not only do they have expert knowledge in the best keying systems to suit your project but also the hardware necessary.

No matter what sort of locksmith you are after it’s important to ensure you are trusting your security with a secure company. Always keep an eye out for a Master Locksmiths logo or source your locksmith from their directory. Wynns Locksmiths provide locksmith services across all of the above listed property types. We have a professional and qualified team with members who have specialised across all areas of expertise. Contact us today to chat with us about your security requirments.