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Safeguard Your Identity with Carbine LBX & LBX Pro: The Ultimate Letterbox Lock Solution!

Identity theft is more prevalent than ever, and did you know that nine out of ten mailboxes are susceptible to security breaches? Criminals exploit this vulnerability, gaining access to your personal information. Wynns Locksmiths brings you LBX & LBX Pro, a revolutionary letterbox lock designed to put an end to mailbox identity theft!

The Threat of Identity Theft:

In Australia, a single master key opens a staggering 90% of letterboxes, making it open season for identity theft gangs. Once a victim, the aftermath is devastating, with the personal and financial impact lasting for years. It’s time to fight back!

Introducing Carbine LBX & LBX Pro:

  • LBX: Enhanced with a brass driver for added strength, the LBX is an easy retrofit solution.
  • LBX Pro: Featuring superior security with stainless steel parts for increased strength and corrosion resistance, making it over 3.5 times stronger than the LBX.

Why Choose Carbine LBX?

  • High-Security Design: Utilizing a C4 keyway pin-tumbler system, similar to your front door, providing unparalleled security.
  • Master-Key Protection: Unique pinning allows for a master-key that doesn’t match any other, ideal for apartment complexes and property managers.
  • Convenience: One key for both your house and letterbox, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience.

Features and Specs:

  • Pin-tumbler design for anti-pick resistance.
  • Eliminates compromised wafer-cam key systems.
  • Patented design with easy retrofit installation.
  • Available in kits with KD cylinder or cylinder housing.
  • Master-key capabilities and convenience for letterbox banks in apartments or offices.

The High Cost of Identity Theft:

Identity crime costs Australians billions, with 1.2 million victims recorded in a year. The Office of Australian Information Commissioner warns that recovery can be nearly impossible.

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