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What is access control?

Put simply, it’s a system that restricts the access to a property. When there are multiple people requiring different access to areas, there is generally an access control system. There are systems that use swipe cards or FOB’s. System’s with number pads and nowadays even fingerprint scanners. Access control systems are suitable for use in both commercial and residential settings. Think of it as an extension on a door bell system. Someone rings your front door bell, you answer by unlocking and opening the door. When we talk about access control we are automating the door bell process.

Manage your properties security.

Access control systems allow you to keep track of when and where areas are accessed. You can control and limit the times that certain staff can gain access to areas and also manage visitor access. Reports are able to be created that provide you with information on who swiped in on what door.

There are options to override normal settings for a certain date or time period. A staff member might need extended access for a week whilst completing a big project out of normal business hours. Easily grant them access for the week, which will automatically be reverted the following week.

When integrated with your alarm system the ability to arm and disarm the alarm is in your pocket. Accessing your security from your smartphone and take control. Tailor design the best system that enhances your work flow.

Fully trained and certified professionals.

At Wynns Locksmiths our technicians have completed training and certification with the Protege GX systems. This is the system we recommend as it is easy for the end user to operate. It’s able to be extended and integrated with other systems. It has it’s own web client that works on all devices and platforms with a modern web browser. This allows you to control your sites, wherever you are.

We are happy to have a chat and offer a free quote and on-site assessment of your property. Get in touch today to organise for our friendly and professional technicians to come have a chat to you.