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Keeping commercial property security is a generally a bit of an undertaking. It involves a lot of planning to find the best security fit for your business premises. There are a range of options out there and different combinations of security systems to keep you protected. Your requirements will depend on the type of commercial property you manage and the sort of access required. Below are some of the most popular commercial security solutions.

Restricted Master Key System

Master key systems are a powerful security system. They can be configured in many ways providing a range of access limits to different key holders. Some restricted keys such as Security Edge have also been designed with construction keying. These types of key systems are perfect for building sites and allow you to provide access as required on site. Once the new owners have their key and use it in the lock it will disable all previous keys with access.

If you’re interested in finding out more about restricted master key systems and the ones we offer at Wynns Locksmiths, you can read about them here.

Access Control

Access control works similar to that of a restricted key system. The main difference is that it is an electronic keying system. Authorisation can easily be adjusted or removed by using software which programs the authorisation of security cards/fobs/or codes. This is an optimal solution for office buildings, hotels, and many more commercial properties.

With this type of entry system not only can you control what doors someone can open but also the times they can. This way you can provide access to cleaning staff during certain business hours but not all other staff. The system is also able to generate reports based on who has accessed an area during times. This of course can be a handy tool for dealing with any issues which may occur.

Learn more about the available access control systems from Wynns.

Security Cameras and Alarms

Alarm systems and security cameras are great for keeping an eye on the place. Monitored alarm systems can be set up standalone and are found across many commercial properties including warehouses and factories. Security cameras and alarm systems are probably one of the first things you think about when considering protecting your property.

CCTV is an effective way or monitoring and gaining evidence if ever required. It can provide useful information to the authorities in the event of a crime. Alarm systems do well at scaring off potential criminals and if your system is monitored alerting yourself or security services immediately that there is a potential issue.

Combine it all for your commercial security solution

A full security system will use a combination of the aforementioned products. Used together these systems ensure full coverage of your property while managing the control of access. These systems can be scaled to suit single site commercial activities, or expanded to cover multiple locations in city, state and national territories.

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