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It can be a scary time as a parent when it’s time to start thinking about what a good age to give the children a house key is. It can be a pretty big milestone and a nod of trust and respect. Handing over a set of keys is an acknowledgement of your child growing and the beginning of them being self reliant.

So what is a good age?

Around 12 years is a reasonable time to be looking at giving your children a key to the house. At this age they are either finishing up grade 6 or starting high school. It’s the age where you might be starting to leave your child at home alone for short periods of time.

There isn’t a one age fits all for this type of thing though. It depends on your child and your situation.

Are they ready for the responsibility?

Age isn’t the most important factor when it comes to deciding to get another set of keys cut. Is your child prone to losing things? Handing over the keys to the home is a responsibility and your child being able to accept this is a key factor. If your child is always losing their belongings, or leaving things in strange places are they ready to have a key?

You may trust your child to be home for the hour between them finishing school and you getting home from work though. A key safe box may suit your situation and child more. Trusting them with the responsibility to use a key and keep it safe without taking it too far. Key safes can be bolted to a hidden yet accessible wall and code protect your key. A key safe might be the solution to your situation and a stepping stone to giving your child their own key.

Getting a key cut.

Deciding to give your child a key to the house isn’t something that someone else can tell you when to do it. For some it’s completely unnecessary to even think about until they are in their late teens. Whenever you do decide that you’re all ready for this change make sure to go to a reputable locksmith.