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When was the last time you did a security check of your property? Some of us are finding ourselves stuck at home a bit more these days and looking for things to do. Why not take this time to take a wander around your place. Here are a few things you can check for and ways to consider improving your home security.

Are there working locks on all the property entrances?

Check the doors that lead into your home for locks and make sure that they are in good working order. This could include the front door, back door, and even a door between the garage and your house. Take note of how many keys you have for each lock and that you know where they all are.

Do the windows have locks that function?

Have a look at the windows on your property and check them for working locks. Do you have keys for them and are they keyed alike? Keep a record of how many keys you have and if your need any extra sets made.

Are there sensor lights and do they turn on?

Have you set up sensor lighting on your property? If not, use this opportunity to assess where would be a good place to install a sensor. If you have one check that it is working correctly and pay attention to where someone needs to enter your property for it to be activated. Setting your sensor lights to detect property entry sooner is advised. Walking or pulling into the driveway or entering a side path to the house before approaching the door are both good distances. Replace your connected light bulbs with LED lights if they need replacing.

Do you have security cameras?

If you have security cameras installed check that these are also functioning correctly. Check that their view has not been obstructed by any overhanging branches. If you have footage being recorded make sure that this is all being backed up and stored properly.

If you need professional assistance with your home security we are available to assist. Please contact us to chat to our friendly staff.