Wynns Locksmiths

We work very hard at Wynns to help you feel safe and secure in your properties. Over the last few months we have also made every possible effort to ensure your health is also kept safe in any dealings with us.

In-store we have set up a counter to provide you with hand sanitiser as well as put measures in place to restrict the distance between yourself with staff. Through store signage, verbal communication, and social media we aimed to provide you with every reassurance that we are taking the COVID-19 situation seriously.

With lockdown restrictions easing, our commitment to ensuring your health and safety is still upmost in our minds and actions. Our road technicians have been and will continue to ask a series of screening questions prior to starting any jobs.

These questions include things such as:

Have you or an occupant on the property been diagnosed or suspected you may have Covid-19?
Have you been overseas or in contact with someone who has been in the past two weeks?

We have also altered how we operate behind the scenes here too. When our road technicians come in they avoid contact with our store staff. By limiting their entry on our premises and maintaining a high level of regular cleaning we aim to keep our staff and customers limited in their contact with avoidable external factors.

How you can help?

We request assistance from our in-store customers in our help minimise any Covid-19 transferrance. Please avoid unneccessary touching of products and packaging. If you require a closer look or further information please ask our friendly and professional staff. Our shop staff are professionally trained qualified locksmiths and they are here to ensure you have the smoothest experience possible.

If you are looking to book a job please answer our Covid-19 questions honestly and to your best ability.

All efforts on minimising further infections or disease spread are being taken by all three of our store locations. If you have any questions please contact your closest store to find out more.