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When it comes to keeping your digital data storage devices secure (such as a backup hard drive, USB, etc.), digital integrity is critical. Some business organisations are seeking on-site solution for securing their data instead of purely relying on cloud based data centres.

When it comes to keeping sensitive electronics safe a standard fire resistant safe is not always adequate on it’s own. When protecting your data you want to take into consideration not just the possibility of physical theft of your devices. Other threats can include fire or water damage. When selecting your security it’s advised to think about all the things that could go wrong and work on finding a solution that protects as much as possible.

What should I be looking for to keep my digital data storage device secure?

We recommend a combination of storage units for optimal security and protection of your digital storage devices.

The Honeywell Media Chest has a waterproof and fire-resistant design. This is perfect for storing your digital data devices in. We recommend teaming this up with an Australian made CMI SA or SB safe for optimal security. The CMI safes are designed to be fire resistant for one hour, along with being explosive, drill, and force resistive. They also have 2 removable/adjustable shelves and are available with digital, key or dial combination locking options.

Both of these products are available from Wynns Locksmiths.

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