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Meet Christian Venter: locksmith who entered the profession based on a recommendation from someone he knew. He particularly enjoys his work on cars, specialising in tasks like ignition repair and crafting keys for modern, complex vehicles. What excites Christian about the Electronic Security & Locksmith Industry is the job security it offers and the constant evolution within the field. He appreciates the opportunity to continuously learn and adapt to new challenges, highlighting the industry’s dynamic nature and room for personal and professional growth.

How did you become a Locksmith?

I was told about the opportunity Β to move into this trade by someone that I knew.

What do you enjoy most about being a Locksmith?

I enjoy working on cars mostly, dealing with ignitions and working to make keys for newer cars as they are more complicated.

What excites you about the Electronic Security & Locksmith Industry?

I enjoy the job security and the fact the scope of the job is ever growing and changing, means there is also room to move and learn new things.

Christian Venter

What’s your favourite?

Colour: Blue

Food: Ramen

Drink: Shoju

Sport: Basketball