Wynns Locksmiths

Are you concerned by who might have a key to your home? It might be time to have the locks rekeyed. By rekeying locks you protect yourself from previous keys being able to open the doors. This change also means that the door hardware stays as is. The locksmith will come to your home and indiviidually rekey the codes of your locks. They will then also cut keys to match your newly coded locks.

Feel safe with the knowledge that the only keys witch access to your property are the ones you have had created. Be sure to also have a spare cut . Keep a copy in a trusted place or with a family member or friend who lives close by.

Rekeyed and keyed alike

Are you moving into a new home? Do you have new tenants moving in? Perhaps you’ve just lost track of where all the sets of keys to your house are. Having the locks rekeyed may be just the solution you need. Rekeying locks also means that your locks can be keyed alike. This will allow you to access all the doors (or your chosen locks) to open with the one key. Eliminate the need for multiple keys in your home and minimise the amount of keys you need to carry and keep track of.

Rekeying locks is a cheaper option than replacing all the locks in your home. Especially if you are then also going to have them keyed alike to use the same key. Unless your lock is broken you should not have to replace the hardware in use.

Upgrading your locks

It’s possible to upgrade your lock hardware without replacing everything. Most master key systems can be retrofit into your existing locks. The lock cylinder can be keyed and installed into your door hardware so aesthetically your lock looks the same, however it now has a high security lock cylinder instead. A restricted master key system also means that keys to your home can not be duplicated by just anyone.

If you would like to book a professional and qualified locksmith to rekey the locks of your home please contact us to arrange.