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Below are three of the most common problems that can happen with your door locks. It’s good to be aware of these issues, so that you can monitor them and stay on top of any maintenance. These issues can all impact on your door locks not working properly, resulting in security weaknesses on your property.

Dirty or faulty locks

Locks can end up being a collection for a bit of dirt and grime. Dirt can easily be inserted into a lock via keys and such. This dust can be inconvenient and cause issues such as keys jamming. General wear and tear on your locks can also lead to them become faulty. It’s a good idea to check and clean your locks regularly. By maintaining your locks you can help ensure your hardware lasts longer and protects your property more efficiently.

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Loose or misaligned locks

Another common issue is the locks being loose or misaligned on the door. These are issues that can occur during installation, and also can develop. Due to weather conditions your doors may warp, expand, or contract. This can result in your lock no longer connecting correctly and functioning properly. A door being slammed or roughly treated can also effect the lock’s efficiency.

Key doesn’t work

Sometimes the key just doesn’t want to work, and other times the key breaks in the lock. There are many reasons why your key might not work with your lock as expected. Wear and tear can occur on your key. The code cut into your key (the grooves) is programmed to match the code of your lock. If these grooves are worn, bent, or broken this can prevent your key from working. As mentioned above a dirty lock can also impact on your key inserting and turning your lock.

If your key isn’t working first thing to do, check that you are using the right key for the the right lock. Next. check that your key is in good working order and look for any signs of damage to your lock. Do not force turning the key as this can lead to the key breaking off and getting stuck in the lock.