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When planning your home security it’s a good idea to consider the places that a burglar is likely to search. Below are some of the most common places a burglar will check first to find goodies. These places are generally easily accessible or common hiding spots within the home.

The master bedroom

Heading for the master bedroom is a primary goal for a burglar. It’s likely to be a room with jewellery, cash, or other valuable items that you feel safer by not having them left around other rooms of the house. Under the mattress is a go to hiding spot to look for cash. The wardrobe is also often used to put a personal home safe out of sight. Do you have a small home safe that they never bolt down. This means it can just be picked up and removed, and the burglar can take their time opening it later off your property.

The bathroom

Bathrooms are a common places where people keep medications. Prescription drugs are often sought as they can easily be sold. Controlled pain medications, are highly valued. Burglars tend to try to make quick grabs for item which can easily be on sold.

The home office

This is where you’re likely to have electronic equipment, paperwork, and potentially expensive items on display. Cash and personal documents can often be found in a home office. Documents (passports) are often stolen to commit fraudulent activity with later. Depending on what a burglar might find, they may wind up with enough information to start opening bank accounts in your name. Headphones, laptops, speakers, and other electronic equipment can be found in this room too.

The kitchen

People tend to hide cash and jewellery in the kitchen. The old, wrap it in a plastic bag and pop it in the freezer has been thought about by burglars too. Even old cereal boxes or other containers kept around as hiding spots aren’t safe from a career burglar.

Depending on how long a burglar has to search your place will impact on how and where they go. It’s a horrible feeling to have been burgled. Feelings of fear, violation, and anger are all common reactions and emotions. Home security is about deterring burglars from entering your property, and also making it difficult and time consuming for them to find or take anything of value. By considering these common places burglars look first you can start getting clever with your hiding places.

Some people choose to leave some cash or item in one of these places to act as a bit of decoy. If this is found relatively easy in a location they may stop searching further. It’s a good idea that you ensure quality locks are installed on your doors, and drawers. If you want to discuss the security of your home with friendly professionals, give your local Wynns Locksmiths a call.