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The locksmith and security industry has a rich history. Check out these 5 locksmith facts that are about a bit more than just changing locks and duplicating keys.

Security has been needed for a very long time.

The first known lock was made from wood and dates back around 4000 years ago to ancient Egypt. However the oldest locks using keys have been dated back to 704BC.

Not just burglars pick locks.

Lock picking is an important skill set for a locksmith to have. A professional locksmith will have the tools and knowledge to pick most common locks. This technique is often the go to move when someone is locked out and needs to gain re-entry to their property.

Sturdy school locks

James Sargent was an American inventor who created the first combination lock. These were developed in 1857. Lots of the mechanics designed for these are still widely used today across school lockers and bank vaults.

Harry Houdini was a locksmith

Before becoming a magician and illusionist, Harry Houdini began a locksmith apprenticeship at 11 years old. Houdini studied locks and was an expert lock picker and master locksmith. He was also known to offer his skills to those you needed help for free.

Many skills are needed to be a locksmith

Locksmiths need to have a skill tool box that crosses multiple industries. From mechanics to engineering, machinists to security. These skill sets can delve even deeper when a locksmiths specialises into a specific area of security such as electronic or automotive.

Bonus fact about Wynns Locksmiths!

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