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Changing the locks can mean a few different things. You might be talking about fully replacing the lock hardware. Removing the door handle or deadbolt system and then replacing it with a completely new one. Which also uses a different key. Or perhaps you mean changing the same locks to work with a new key? Sometimes even when you change the hardware, you still want the lock changed so it matches the rest of the house. It can get confusing.

When you ask a locksmith about changing locks they might mention terms like replacing or re-keying. So just how do locksmiths change locks?

When it comes to re-keying your lock, a locksmith will dismantle your lock set so they can access the pinning (or coding) for your lock. These pins are what the cut out shapes on your key interact with. By rearranging the order and size of pins used in your lock this will require a different key to slide in to align things in place so they can turn.

When your locks has been re-keyed it will require a new key to work with.

Check out our post on how keys works to understand a bit more about the internal mechanics of the lock cylinder.

Replacing locks might be a preferred way if your hardware is faulty or you want to update the type of locking system in place. There are many times where replacing the lock is necessary. A professional locksmith is able to install your locks correctly. This helps to ensure that your locks is good working order to keep your property safe and secure.

If you’re unsure if replacing or re-keying your locks is the way to go, have a chat to our friendly team.