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Sadly where there is a vulnerable situation there is someone around looking to exploit it. Locksmith scams are out there. They tend to target those in an emergency situation. Many use paid advertising on search engines promising a super cheap call out fee and appear amongst professional locksmith listings. When your locked out of your house or car at witching hour, it’s a stressful time. Just try to stay calm if you find yourself in this common position. The following are a few quick little checks that you can do before you rush into calling out to the first ad that you see.

Do some research

Many scammers out there have set up websites that on first glance assist them with appearing as a legitimate business. Dig a little deeper to check and see that there is a physical shopfront listed along with business hours. Are there social media accounts linked on the site? Visit their socials and check for any reviews and recent updates.

Are they accredited?

Accredited locksmiths will proudly display that they are members of Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia. They will also be listed on the MLA website. To become a member of MLA a locksmith must be qualified and experienced, licensed to operate as a locksmith under their relevant State or Territory legislation, and conduct themselves to an established code of ethics and conduct.

Branded for business

Is the vehicle they arrive in branded with their business name and details? Are they wearing a uniform, shirt, or jacket with their business logo? If the person coming out to see you doesn’t have any branded material on them with who you called be wary.

Avoid locksmith scams and alarm bells

One guaranteed way to avoid a locksmith scam artist is to contact Wynns Locksmiths. (03) 9495 1122.

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