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As a parent you try to do everything you can to keep your children safe. We also know that it isn’t always such an easy task. Here are a few items we think are good checklist items to go through with your child when it comes to home security.

Who are they talking to?

Technology plays such an important role in children’s lives. It can be hard to keep up with the latest app or game that they are involved with. Teaching our kids about safety both online and in real life is vital. Back in the day the simple don’t get in the car or accept lollies from strangers was the warning most people got. However it can be tricky for people to recognise stranger danger nowadays- this goes for both kids and adults.

Understanding that certain information is best not discussed publicly, such as the fact the side door is never locked, or no one is going to be home for an extended period of time. Starting a conversation about security and safety at a young age helps keep everyone a little bit safer. Also opening up clear communication and trust so that your kids feel safe to come to you with anything that they might be concerned about.

How is your home secured?

It’s a good idea to run through with your children how the house is kept secure. Even from a young age you can start teaching them about home security. Gamify it to keep them engaged or give them a task to take ownership of when it comes to closing up the house before leaving. Let them find the keys, or push the button to arm the alarm. By creating these routines we can engrain good security practices early on.

What should they say when answering the door?

Teaching kids how to answer the door and what to (and what not to) say is important. It’s definitely worth adding door greetings to the kids safety checklist before you consider letting your kids stay at home by themselves.

It can be toeing a fine line when it comes to teaching kids about safety at home. We don’t want to terrorise and scare our kids but at the same time we need to educate them that there are some dangers out in the world.