Wynns Locksmiths

We often get calls from people who have had a handyman out to their property to then be advised they aren’t able to complete the job. Save yourself some money and avoid paying multiple service call fees. Read on to get a better understanding of the services a handyman may be offering and the differences that a locksmith can offer.

Can you fit my new door lock?

When it comes to fitting locks most handymen offer a lock fitting service. If they are a trained carpenter they likely have experience with installing locks. Some handymen only install same for same hardware. Meaning you have purchased the same type of door handle that you had previously and it just needs a “simple” switch. Some handymen will install a brand new and different lock. It’s something to be aware of and ensure that you specifically ask these questions of the handyman you are looking to hire.
A locksmith is also able to fit your new door lock, regardless of if it’s exactly the same or if it’s different. The big bonus with calling a locksmith is the advice they can provide. If you’re looking to upgrade or change your doors hardware they will be able to offer you the best advice on what will work for your situation. Locksmiths can provide a full service by assessing, designing, supplying, and fitting your security systems.

Can I use the same key from my other door locks in my new lock?

Handymen are unlikely to provide you with a rekeying service. This means that even if they install that new door handle for you, your key that works on every other door of your property won’t be able to open the new lock. You will have a separate key for that one lock. If you want to use the same key everywhere, you will need to take your lock into a locksmith along with the key you want it to match prior to fitting. Alternatively call a locksmith out to your property after the fact and they will be able to re-key the lock.

In your expert opinion, what would you recommend?

A locksmith is familiar with the different lock options available for each and every scenario. They are trained to assist with ensuring both you and your property is safe and secure. Most handymen have a general understanding of different locks. However many may be reserved in making hardware recommendations as it is outside their job description. A professional locksmith will be able to assess and ask you the right questions so that you get the right equipment for the job. Locksmiths have undergone years of training to become qualified. Their knowledge and understanding of the industry make them the experts when it comes to all things security.