Wynns Locksmiths

Let’s kick off October by introducing you all to our locksmith Adam dent. Previously He worked at a safe company, relocating and installing safes which led him to realize his passion in locksmithing. 

How did you become a Locksmith?

After discovering locksmithimg through a safe company. I was looking for the  right opportunity to start the trade & learn everything that i want.

What do you enjoy most about being a Locksmith?

I enjoy the problem solving aspect to locksmithing. It makes me interesting because its about how to get into a lock or how to fix something.  

What excites you about the shoe repair and locksmith industry?

I’m quite excited to learn more about how safes work & how to open them when they are locked up. Also excited to improve my skills & become a good tradesman. 

What's your favourite?

Colour: Green

Food: Pizza

Drink: Fire ball

Sport: Martial Arts