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Intercom systems are a great way to improve the security of your property and communication around it. They offer a convenient way for you to screen those that visit without having to answer the door. For the elderly or someone that has issues getting up and down quickly, intercoms provide an easy way to check who is there and communicate with others.

Intercoms can also be used to communicate across different rooms or areas of a property. In an office they can be used to send out site wide communications, in a house to chat with someone on another floor or down the other end about dinner plans. Before purchasing an intercom system here are 3 things you should consider.


When it comes to choosing the right intercom system for your building it’s important to think about where you want to use it. It’s also a good idea to consider any existing security systems or plans to improve these in the near future. You mat wat to integrate your intercom with an access control system or CCTV system. Who is using the intercom and where to place it can also impact on the type of intercom best suited to your application.


There are 4 types of intercoms to consider when searching for the best solution for you.

HARDWIRED A hardwired intercom is wired into your home or building. This is generally done when an building is being built as it can be expensive to rewire an existing structure.

WIRELESS A wireless intercom uses a WiFi or 4G data connection to communicate. This solution is ideal when wanting to install an intercom to an existing property.

CARRIER-CURRENT These systems work alongside the existing electrical system of the building. AC current is used to create AM signals that can communicate between the intercom hubs.

MOBILE CONNECTION Mobile intercom systems connect to your smartphone via an app. This allows you to interacts with your system from wherever you are. Most new wireless and hardwired intercom systems include this functionality.


Intercoms are available as an audio-only device or can include video capabilities. Intercoms including video may cost more, however they do provide the added security of being able to see who is requesting access or information. You may even want to setup a system that uses audio only devices in certain parts of the building for emergency communications.

Chat to a professional

When it comes to selecting a suitable intercom system it’s a good idea to chat with a professional. Their expert knowledge and advice will help make sure that all your options are considered. The team at Wynns Locksmiths are experts in electronic security and are happy to chat about your security solutions. Please contact your closest Wynns store to chat about Intercoms.