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As we head deeper into 2021 let’s take a look at where we see security trends heading. Both personal and business security has been effected by the global pandemic. Growth in technology, including enhanced AI, and the ease of adoption have most homes on their way to being interconnected between users and systems. Here are the 3 security trends we expect to be front and centre this year.

Contactless Entry

Security solutions are at the forefront for the fight against infection. 2020 saw everyone take hygiene extremely seriously and it’s predicted that contactless touch-free security solutions will increase. Swipe cards, FOBs, and smart phones will all become more common for gaining access. We can also expect Iris recognition will closely follow as it provides the addition of personal verification to access property and information.

CCTV – Video Surveillance

Each year video surveillance technology grows. Cameras are now able to detect people through facial recognition technology. This year expect to see the addition of AI (artificial intelligence) with CCTV systems.This will mean our security systems will be able to learn and adapt it’s response dependant on situations. Such different actions may include alerting authorities, locking down the property, or sounding an alarm.

Thermal imaging cameras are also on our radar of growing security trends. We expect that thermal cameras will appear in majority of public spaces including airports, sporting stadiums, and shopping centres.

Smart Control

The use of integrated smart systems both in the home and at work isn’t slowing down. From voice control to remote alarm arming, controlling the heating and lighting, and viewing your home when you’re away. Issues and opportunities facing the smart control sector include the desire for green (energy efficient) systems, and data breach hacking security. Companies will be investing and expanding their technologies to ensure safety to their users and minimise exploits in products.

So, what do you think will be the trends of security this year? If you want to find out more about the latest technology and chat with friendly professionals about what the best security solutions for you and your property are, get in touch with Wynns.