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A locksmith should rarely ever need to drill through a lock. Drilling a lock is a destructive method to gain entry and should only ever be used when all other techniques have been tried. If you have a person come to your property and say that they need to drill your lock without trying any of the following techniques first it’s advised that you ask them to leave and call a professional locksmith instead.


Picking a lock is a non destructive method for gaining entry. Locksmiths undergo years of training before becoming qualified. Part of this training involves learning about the mechanism of a lock. Combining this knowledge with specifically designed tools, a locksmith is generally able to gain entry using this technique. However there are of course locks which have been anti-pick designed, these are generally of a high security standard.


Bumping is another non destructive method for gaining entry to a lock. Similar to picking a lock a pre designed tool is used. If your lock is a pin tumbler design this option may be used first. Not all locks can be bumped and similar to picking there are anti-bump designed locks also. When trying the bump or picking lock methods a locksmith will also be investigating the lock for other issues or damage which may prevent entry.

Alternative Entry

If you need help getting into your home there may be an alternative entry with a different lock that can be accessed. Before drilling out a lock all options should be considered and evaluated. You might have a back door which has a different lock on it and the locksmith can pick or bump it.

When the lock needs to be drilled

Sometimes a lock is damaged and this is why there is an issue with it. Occasionally drilling out the lock is the final option. Please be aware though that you should be consulted and agree upon your lock being drilled before this action occurs. A new lock should be on hand and it’s advisable that you make sure to find out the cost of the hardware replacement.

Please also be aware that a common scam found across the world within the locksmith industry involves the drilling of locks. Generally the person you have asked to come help you, arrives and immediately precedes to drill your lock before replacing it and charing you a large sum of money for the hardware. Be wary of extreme discount labour hire fees as they are often linked to these operations.

Drilling a lock isn’t necessarily a cheap and simple solution to a locked out problem. A qualified locksmith understands the locks and should be aware of the best way to drill through the lock. If attempting this yourself be aware that damage to more than just the lock drilled is a possibility and full hardware may need replacing..

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