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When is it a good time to change the locks around your home? Replacing the locks generally means one of two things. Rekeying the locks (where a locksmith changes the code on your existing locks and cuts new keys), or a complete replacement of the lock hardware and new keys. When completely replacing the lock hardware keep in mind rekeying the locks to match may also be something you want to have done. You can read more about rekeying here.

Here are 5 reasons you should consider changing the locks at your place.

Lost or stolen keys

Whether you have lost your keys or they have been nicked it’s a good idea to replace the locks around the home. Get on top of this quickly if any items which contain details on your address have also gone missing around the same time. You can never be certain where these keys have wound up and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Broken or hard to use locks

If your lock is not functioning correctly it’s recommended that you completely replace the lock hardware. A broken or hard to use lock is as good as no lock at all. When replacing the lock chat to your locksmith about rekeying it to match the rest of your property. That way you won’t be adding another key to your collection.

Moved into a new home

Moving into new home is an exciting time. By changing the locks on your new property you can be certain about the number of keys that exist and just who has a copy. You might also be interested in reading our post – 3 ways to improve the security of your new home.

Major renovations

If your home has recently undergone some intense maintenance or renovations there is a chance that third parties may have gained a set of keys to your home. This is one of the times that you might want to err on the side of caution and have your locks changed.

You have been burgled

If you have been burgled recently it’s highly advised that you change your locks immediately. The burglars are familiar with your property, aware that replacement items may soon be available, and potentially took a set of keys. Increasing the security of your property with an alarm or security cameras may also be something worth considering.

If you are thinking about updating the locks around your home please contact us. Our highly skilled and professional team are happy to help.