Wynns Locksmiths

A quick search for “cheap locksmith” or “locksmith near me” will provide you with a bunch of locksmith ads. Most of these will likely have ‘$45 Locksmith near me” or “$45 Call out fee only” as their main headings. (in my search I even found one for $30) Be aware that these are also likely to be a scam locksmith. There has been a huge increase lately in the amount of sites and ads offering deals that really are too good to be true. A joint statement was released between Consumer Protection and Western Australia Police Force on May 2nd in regards to this matter.

Each state in Australia has their own regulations regarding locksmiths and security installers. With locksmith licences not prevalent in all states and no National regulatory body, an opportunity has been left to be exploited. Back in January we posted a blog post titled “Watch out for scam locksmiths“.  If you missed it take a read now and pick up a few of the ways you can ensure that you are choosing a trust worthy locksmith.

All Wynns Locksmtihs technicians have insurance, undergone a police check, and are qualified professionals. You can be assured that by choosing Wynns for your locksmith and security needs that you are choosing quality professionals.

A few quick things you can look out for:

  • Do they have a branded vehicle and uniform?
  • Are they MLAA listed?
  • Have they provided you with a quoted price?
  • Do they have an active online presence and trustworthy reviews?

If you are unsure  of the person or the services you are receiving, take note of the vehicle registration. If you feel that you have encountered a scam locksmith you can report them to the police, ACCC (Scamwatch), or MLAA.