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The Victorian average for home burglaries throughout 2018 was 1 in 76 homes

Although rates are at their lowest in five years, Victorians are still concerned about home security and safety. Technological advancements over the last five years have provided home owners the ability to increase their home security efforts. Security cameras and alarm systems are more affordable than ever. What was once a security meassure implemented mostly by commercial properties is now more accessible.

Home security alarm systems

Every 15 minutes a home in Victoria is being burgaled. There are many security options available for home owners. From security cameras, monitored security systems, access control, and intercomms. Systems can be integrated to ensure full scale property security.

Home security alarms have come along way. They can now be used in conjunction with your smart phone. This allows you to control access, check up on your property, and ensure the system is armed even when you’re away.Β  Instantly be notified if your alarm is triggered or reminded if it hasn’t been armed.

Advancements in the smart home security sector are moving quickly and we keep up to date with the latest technological offerings.

Benefits of a professionaly designed system

With a wide range of DIY products on the market it’s easy enough to purchase and install a system yourself. So why would you bother spending money on hiring a professional to do the job for you instead?

Well, one benefit is when you hire a professionalΒ  you get the expert knowledge attached to them. A qualified technician is fully aware of the limitations of the supplied products and can advise on the most beneficial placement to suit the needs of your property.

As a result, products installed and supplied by qualified professionals ensures warranty conditions are met and standards complied with.

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Burglary statistics were sourced from (RACV).