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Are you considering updating your home locks with smart locks? Deciding to scrap the key can provide you with a type of control you haven’t had before. From easily creating access for a family member to checking if you locked the door when you’re already in bed. Smart lock technology has evolved and with so many products out there in the market it can be hard to decide which is the best one for you. So here are a few things to consider when choosing the smart lock that’s right for your home.

What compatibility are you after?

There are different protocol systems that can be used with smart locks. Bluetooth is the most commonly used and doesn’t require a WiFi connection.A pure Bluetooth connection uses less battery power than a WiFi integrated system. If you want to connect your Smartlock to other smart devices in your home however a different protocol will be necessary.

You will require a WiFi smart lock should you wish to integrate it with other devices in the home. You might want to schedule that when you leave for work in the morning and lock the door that the lights are turned off, the security cameras are turned on, and that the thermostat for the heating system was adjusted. Deciding on and listing the functionality that you want is a good idea for researching your best options.

A whole new lock, or not?

Some smart lock upgrades require you to completely replace the existing locks on your door. Others however can be retrofitted to work with your existing deadbolt. By retrofitting and using your existing deadbolt you can also keep your old keys handy as a backup to use if needed.

Other smart lock models require the complete removal of any previously installed hardware. Once this is done, the new smart lock system can be installed and configured.

How do you want to gain access?

Bluetooth is a popular choice as this allows you to use your smart phone to interact with your lock. Generally it’s a device that you’re likely to have on you at all times. Smart locks are also available with other means of entry besides using your phone.
Do you want a PIN system? A PIN activated lock requires these numbers to be set up and remembered so that your lock can be used. There are also smart locks that use bio metrics, such as your fingerprint. It’s also good to consider if you want a key compatible lock in case of a backup. There are covert key options out there which provide discreet key access, or key holes that are obvious and easily seen. These options are all personal choice and something else to ponder before rushing out and purchasing your new lock system.

Research your options

Make sure you research your options. Chat with others around you that have already made the switch. Find out what they like and don’t like about their new system. Discuss the available choices with a professional. Our helpful team are here and ready to assist you with making the right security decisions that will best work with you. For security that stays, get in touch.