Wynns Locksmiths

Swipe security systems allow you to control and monitor the access to your property. The swipe card is just one type of acess control system. These systems can also be controlled by biometrics (fingerprint), pin pad codes, or swipe cards or FOBs. When the users credentials are entered the system verifies any access parameters that have been set and will allow entry if there is a correct match.

User access can be set for individuals by days, times, and more. Perhaps you have a store room which you only want the manager to have access to and not all staff. Their card, code, or FOB can be assigned with a manager standard level of access which has been develped. Only staff with manager access will be able to access the store room.

Do you have a cleaning staff that only come into the building Wednesday and Friday nights? You can provide them with cards and access to the required entry points during the hours of 6pm and 9pm on those days. There are multiple options available with an access control system.

Swipe security systems are also a great way to monitor any issues. You can run a report to see who and at what time accessed an entry way. Sometimes issues arise and it’s handy to be able to track things down to a point in time and identify evidence which may lead to a solution.

Most businesses either use a restricted master key system, access control system, or a combination of them both. Please contact us if you would like to discuss which solution would be suit your premises and operations.