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As fires ravage our country there has been much discussion about fire resistant safes. Let’s clear a few things up about them.

What does fire resistant mean?

There are different fire certified ratings. These ratings relate to the length of time in which the contents inside of a safe can withstand a fire. The safes have been tested within a kiln and their fire rating relates to the length of time which the safe and it’s contents can withstand the heat.

It’s common to see the expectancy of the safes fire resistancy to last between 30 and 90 minuntes.

What is protected by a fire resistant safe?

These safes are not a high security safe. They are generally very easy to break into and not designed for high value objects such as jewellery. Fire resistant safes are usually used to safely store documents such as passports, birth certificates, etc.

Due to the heat involved with a fire the safe will sweat. Keep in mind that anything inside a safe when a fire occurs may also end up wet or damp. Because of the temparemental nature of photos and negatives, It’s advised that they are kept in a separate box within a safe.

Choosing the right safe.

The first thing to consider when shopping for a safe is what you want to keep inside of it. Some safes are better designed for specific contents than others, and not all safes are designed alike. For some extra considerations take a read of our previous post ‘3 things to consider when buying home safes‘.

We stock a range of safes and our professional, qualified, and expert staff are available to help you find the best safe suited for your needs.