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With winter, comes frost. An increase in moisture in the air can mean that locks become faulty as water condensation finds it way into the lock itself and freezes over. Winter door lock problems can be annoying but there are a few ways that you can help unfreeze your locks.

Warm it up!

A warmed up key might be enough to cut through a frozen lock. Either heat your key with your body warmth or by using a lighter. You just need to heat the key enough to be able to insert it in and out of the lock a few times clearing the lock of any ice.

Hand Sanitiser

After the last year we’ve had, hand sanitiser has become a common household (or workplace) item. The alcohol in hand sani is great for melting any ice that may have frozen your lock. Just pour a little bit of hand sanitiser evenly over your key, before inserting it in and out of the lock, loosening the mechanics up.

Warm Water

Depending on the lock and where you are you might be able to easily access some warm water. By gently pouring some heated h20 over the outside of the lock this might be enough to warm up and loosen any ice within the lock. Similar to the good ol’ windscreen defrosting. As with all options when inserting your key, be gentle and insert and remove the key a few times before rotating to make sure as much of the lock mechanics have been cleared first.

Be careful what you lubricate your locks with.

While locks need to be lubricated there are certain substances which can cause more issues. Avoid using general oils for your locks. These can cause buildup and create other obstacles to use using your locks. You may want to try WD-40 in this situation. However it’s a highly flammable product and should be avoided if also trying any methods that involve flames. WD-40 may help with lubricating the lock and loosing up anything blocking the mechanism.

If you’re stuck and unsure of what to do with your winter door lock problems, please call a professional for assistance. Wynns Locksmiths friendly and qualified locksmiths are available 24/7 to help you out.